Let Us Build Data-Powered High-Performance HTML5 Ads

Banner blindness is a myth! In fact, people enjoy engaging with digital ads and easily understand their purpose. HTML5 ads are a better way to tell your brand story and boost engagement since users are more ready to swipe a carousel, play a mini-game or tap to uncover more, rather than click to a website. Interactive HTML5 creatives made for your specific needs can capture up to 20X more attention!

However, we know that creating advanced banners can be a challenge, they need coding and design skills. That's why we offer you to build impactful interactive ads for you. Ads that will help you win attention, make the most of your creative assets and grow your reach on any platform. Stand out online with hand-crafted HTML5 banners that gamify your advertising experience!

3-in-1 Deal: Production, Hosting and Data

Reaching your potential clients with amazing HTML5 ads can be simple and effective. Dedicated team of designers and developers is here to service your specific requirements and get the creative done. From there, you can deploy and watch its performance through metrics such as CTR, viewability, interactivity rate, and conversions. Here how it goes:

1. Ad Creation

We use a mix of programming skills to build beautiful and effective brand and product experiences. All custom made – no compromises, no design restrictions. We can provide digital mock-ups/concept designs from scratch or based on existing artwork or based on brand identity like brochures, print ads, websites and corporate ID documents. We create clean HTML5 code without heavy libraries and bootstrap. Our designers make your ideas happen based on data that comes from hundreds of successful campaigns. Once online, your ads will grab attention to make the users perform your desired action.

2. Delivery & Serving

The HTML5 banners we create are delivered as 3rd party tags and are hosted by us in order to provide you an interaction-based reporting and be able to test, monitor and optimize the creative to adjust it for optimal performance. The tags are supported and eligible with the majority of DSPs, ad exchanges and ad networks. Regardless of the platform you use to buy advertising, we will find a successful way to integrate and collaborate. Google's ad serving technology (DV360, Google Ads & Google Ad Manager) is fully compatible with our tags as we are a Google Certified Third-party Ads Vendor.

3. Reporting & Data-Based Optimization

Our interaction-based reporting gives you a measure of rich-media interactivity. You can see how successfully a digital ad captured user attention. This will surely change the effectiveness of your online campaigns and prove that banner engagement exists even without many website clicks!

But this is not the end – we provide you with the ability to create custom audiences based on the users actions and personalize the following communication. With engagement data from your HTML5 rich-media ads you can segment users based on the actions they took (or didn’t). Then trigger creatives based on that data in order to provide the optimal communication on every step.

FAQ about HTML5 banner types, design and ordering process

What kind of rich media banners do you create?
We specialize in making HTML5 banners in standard sizes for display advertising. We do not design static ads, or images for social network profile covers.
Why should I use HTML5 banners instead of static images?

In an environment where ads are almost everywhere, static banners or native formats might not work for your brand as expected. These disadvantages which can be can be easily overcome by using HTML5 ads:

  • Interactive banner elements attract user attention which helps brands fighting the popular banner blindness.
  • A new KPI comes to live – Interactivity! It shows how many people engaged with the ad. A lot of additional data is collected – interaction based reporting that never existed before!
  • Ad interactivity strengthens the branding effect. Active communication with the user is such a great marketing approach, no other channel makes it possible.
  • Users are engaged with the product without even visiting the landing page. Most brands do not have anything to say on the landing pages anyway.
Are HTML5 banner only suitable for branding or they can also increase performance?
We work intensively with the gambling industry which strives for results and measures every single conversion. Based on these massive amounts of data it is perfectly clear to us that HTML5 ads can skyrocket your ROI. Interactive elements simulate a true product experience within the banner which results in 2-3% engagement rate and subsequently in 1-2% conversion rate from all visitors who have completed the banner journey and have reached the website.
How do I order a banner? What is your process?
Everything happens over email, messenger or phone – discussing details, talking to our designers, requesting changes, approving the banners and receiving access to our ad management platform.
What details do your designers need from me?

Here is the list:

  • Banner size. The most common sizes for banner ads are: 300×600, 300×250, 970×250
  • Company logo or logo book
  • Preferred font types
  • Text for the banner. What do you want it to say?
  • Preferred call-to-action texts (e.g. "Read more", "Buy now")
  • Exact landing page URL (with UTM tags)
  • Link to a YouTube video (if needed)
  • DSP, ad server or ad platform the banner will be used for (for clickTag integration)
  • Attach any graphic material you want us to use like existing artwork, brochures, print ads, any other corporate documents
How soon can I expect my banners to be ready?
Your time is precious and we know that you expect your HTML5 ads to go live as quickly and flawlessly as possible. Our turnaround time is between 5 and 10 business days from the moment we receive the details for the order. It depends a lot on how soon the client approves the design or requests changes to the sketches we send, if they want any. We also offer extra fast delivery for an additional charge.
What if I need changes to my banners?
We offer about 3 free design revisions per banner. Our designers present a sketch and the client has the chance to approve or request changes to the design. We work closely with our clients to make sure they are satisfied with the final version. After the client approves a design and we complete a project, any further change requests are paid additionally.
What if I'm not satisfied with my banner design?
In case we do not manage to create something you like, despite our efforts, you can request a refund. Please note that we won’t refund the transaction if you approved the design prior to requesting the refund.
Are the HTML5 banners ads you design compatible with Google Ads and Google Display&Video 360?
Yes, we follow Google advertising guidelines. If you’re using another ad platform which has particular guidelines or restrictions, please inform us and we will design something that fits your needs.
Are my banners hosted on your server? Do I get a tag?
Yes, our HTML5 banners are delivered as 3rd party tags and are hosted by us. Besides creative hosting, we provide additional services like tracking interactions, tracking conversions, setting up data-managed ad funnels, helping you deploy banner tags in different publisher ad servers, etc.
How do I get the source files for my banners?
We do not deliver the creatives in a downloadable format. Receiving source (editable) files has an additional charge.
What are the best practices when making an HTML5 banner ad?

We highly recommend:

  • Using a limited number of effects or animations.
  • Using aesthetically pleasing colors.
  • Keeping the information short and to the point.
  • Using non-aggressive calls to action.
  • Respecting our Advertising Policies.
  • The HTML5 ad should be beautiful, informative and interactive!
What if I am not satisfied with my banner’s performance?
We use three parameters to evaluate the performance of our HTML5 banners. Our reporting provides data for tracking the creative metrics Exposure Time (Time- in-View, Interaction Rate and CTR (Click-Through Rate). The complexity of the content and the built-in elements decide which one will be the leading KPI of the creative. Before we build a banner for you we will advise what to expect from it – more Interactions, more Exposure Time or more Clicks. Check our portfolio showcase to learn more about each banner type we offer.