Creative Formats

EasyPlatform offers a wide variety of advertising formats – customizable native ads, rich-media html5 banners or static banners. Complete your marketing goals in the best way possible by using the right ads and by following the latest online advertising trends!

Native Ads

Now you can create static or animated ads easily using our free ads creator. Your creatives will automatically transform into a native format that adjusts to publishers’ websites and fits any available ad space. Upload up to five pictures or grab some stock images from our free gallery. Then add a short headline and a good description, choose a call-to-action button and let our publishers experiment with different font (or background) colors and ad sizes.The creation of these ads will take only a few minutes and won't cost you a cent! Use them to communicate dynamic offers and short-term promotions.


  • Free and highly customizable responsive ads
  • Super easy to create and edit
  • Attach up to 5 images to one ad
  • Free stock images gallery available
  • Set random or consecutive image rotation
  • Choose from our predefined call-to-action buttons
  • Set ad heading - up to 30 symbols and a description - up to 80 symbols

Standard Banner Ads

Banners are great for driving more sales and also for boosting brand awareness. We support all popular standard banner sizes but we recommend the following if you want to increase your reach (in px): 300x250, 300x600, 336x600, 336x280, 600x220 (Desktop), 600x400 (Desktop), 728x250 (Desktop) and 970x250 (Desktop).


  • All IAB standard banner formats supported
  • Easy to upload, copy or edit creatives
  • HTML5 creatives supported (.zip files)
  • Free HTML5 templates available (on request)
  • Alternative static image supported (for HTML5 creatives)
  • 3rd party tags supported (with click macros)
  • Up to 6 hours approval process (Monday to Friday)
  • File weight up to 200 KB

Interactive HTML5 Rich-Media Banners

In an environment where ads are almost everywhere, static banners or native formats might not work for your brand as expected. A huge part of your target audience is not seeing your ad, even if it’s right there in front of their eyes. To fight banner blindness you need to offer some interactivity and evoke engagement within a short time – and that requires creativity!

To get even more awareness and user engagement, we started a new in-house service – producing interactive high-performance HTML5 rich-media ads. These creative formats grasp much more user attention than any other ads on a publisher website. We code rich media solutions from scratch and collaborate with your team by adjusting the creatives for your specific needs. We focus on quality and performance – no compromises and no design restrictions.

With engagement data from your HTML5 rich-media ads you can segment users based on the actions they took (or didn’t). Then trigger personalized ad campaigns based on that data with the help of our audience center.

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Take a look at our HTML5 banner portfolio. We help Advertisers communicate and engage with their audience online in a personalized and memorable way.

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