About Us

EasyAds Ltd is an innovative owner-operated enterprise that offers programmatic advertising. Since 2006 our mission is to shrink the relationship divide between web site owners and advertisers by building an unique and efficient marketplace for both sides. The core of our business is a high-tech programmatic ad platform developed by our experienced engineers and operating under the trademarks EasyAds™ and EasyPlatform™.

"We believe that our success is measured not by conversions and purchases only, but by the positive impact of our work"

We are social!

It was 2017 when we realized that our platform has become so powerful that it can cover our clients' needs with only part of its capacity. At this point we decided to “donate” some of our time and cloud technology to develop enterprise’s social mission. We used our tech resources, combined with knowledge, passion and team efforts to launch the Global Programmatic Charity Initiative.

An enterprise should be able to incorporate its social responsibility within its business goals. The Global Programmatic Charity Initiative is our commitment to this idea. We believe that our success is measured not by conversions and purchases only, but by the positive impact of our work. Every charity ad impression we serve makes a direct, measurable impact on a certain charity project, empowering it to build a better future. If you are ready to join us in making a difference, please contact us.

IAB Membership

EasyAds Ltd is a proud member of the prestigious international organization Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). The IAB is an advertising association that empowers the media and marketing industries to thrive in the digital economy and also supports a number of important interactive initiatives and projects of social and environmental benefit. In close collaboration with its members - leading media and tech companies, the IAB develops technical standards and best practices for digital ad sale, delivery and optimization and promotes critical research on interactive advertising.

"We are thrilled to be an IAB member and to be able to contribute with our in-depth know-how. The IAB provides us with an essential networking opportunities and gives us a strong voice within the growing programmatic advertising sector."

Ivan Ivantschev
General Manager, EasyAds Ltd