Monetize With Our Direct Deals Manager

We have built an effective and easy-to-use Direct Deals Manager to help publishers and marketers book campaigns with the ease of clicking a button and access all publisher inventory directly. As a publisher you can get higher prices for your inventory and generate new revenue. At the same time, direct buying enables agencies and advertisers to purchase ads more efficiently on brand safe sites, to target them precisely, to decrease costs and time for launching a campaign.

To execute a direct deal, a publisher needs an advanced ad server and a buyer needs a direct access to the publisher’s inventory in some way. There are a lot of free or paid ad servers that you can use as a publisher. However, on the buyer side there are only a few expensive buying platforms which can give advertisers access to a publisher inventory. Use our Direct Deals Manager to fully automate the direct buying and selling of inventory on your websites smart and let advertisers of any size and level of experience become your clients!

Easy Setup & Smart Integration With Your Ad Server

To offer your ad inventory for direct sale on the platform you need to describe your direct deals, attach ad units to them and apply reasonable prices. Forward your public deals to potential advertisers and let them buy programmatically. Or share private deals with them by setting special prices for specific targeting criteria or dedicated budgets.

Place our tags in your website and start providing potential impressions. Regardless of which ad server you have we will find a way to integrate and collaborate. Google's ad serving technology - Google Ad Manager is fully compatible with our tags as we are a Google certified third-party ads vendor. Your direct deals will compete in real time at a fixed CPM price (price priority line item) with all your other campaigns.

Real-Time Reports, Fast Payments & 24/7 Support

With us you get ultra fast, real-time statistics! Our engine brings all the data from your direct deals directly to your profile. You have full access to the reporting functionalities where you see all the stats and can create custom reports for your needs.

We carry out revenue payments 30 days after the end of the month. Net 30 is an industry standard we keep with no exceptions since 2006! Our platform is really easy to use, but if you need help you can find it in our help center or contact us by submitting a ticket any time and get 24/7 support.

How To Start & How Much It Will Cost You

To become a Publisher in our platform, please be sure to meet the requirements below and apply with a website. After completing a simple and free registration you will have a dedicated manager to share our recommendations and guide you through all the steps of deals creation and tags implementation. Then you are ready to place the ad tags and get things going!

We take 10% of the revenue that you put through our platform. There is no commitment and no upfront charge. There is no payment processing fee (credit and debit cards). And more important - there is 0% fee on the advertiser side! If a client spends 1000 USD you will get 900 USD net revenue in your account.