Programmatic Direct Marketplace for Publishers

For us, building a successful Direct Marketplace can be a game changer for online media providers. To help them achieve that, we offer our unique end-to-end programmatic direct advertising solution to publishers with greater traffic. In other words, we offer you to fully automate the direct buying and selling of inventory on your websites.

Programmatic deals are already a preferred buying option for leading advertising and media agencies. As a publisher you can get guaranteed impressions, control pricing and generate new revenue. At the same time, the direct buying enables agencies and advertisers to purchase ads more efficiently on brand safe sites, to target them precisely, to decrease costs and time for launching a campaign.

How the Marketplace works

To offer your ad inventory for direct sale on the platform, you only need to describe your ad spots and apply a fair and reasonable prices to them. Then you place our tags in your current ad server and start the trial period.

By listing your ad spots in a direct marketplace you make them immediately available for direct booking. Deals are sold programmatically and buyers can manage their own campaigns. The marketplace is based on our ultra-fast passback functionality, click-to-buy option, advanced targeting options (including conversion pixel based audience center) and payment gateways. Transactions are executed in minutes, not days or weeks. Payment is 100% guaranteed!

How to start and how much it will cost you

To become a publisher in our platform, you have to apply with a website. After completing a simple and completely free registration, you will have a dedicated publisher manager to guide you through all the steps of the tags implementation. At the beginning he will ask you for some information and share recommendations with you concerning the arrangement of placements. Then, you can place our ad tags and start generating impressions.

There is no commitment and no upfront charge. We’ll offer you a 30 days trial and then charge you a monthly fee (billed annually) if you decide to use our service. We do not take a share of the revenue that you put through our platform. We are looking for a long-lasting partnership with you, based on a subscription service, which can only last if your listed ad spots on EasyPlatform can achieve higher and constant revenue.