Publisher Information

EasyPlatform is open for all publishers who want to make ad buying in their websites smart and simple. We have built our own Performance Network (CPC) and а Direct Marketplace (CPM) in Bulgaria and Macedonia to help marketers and media buyers book campaigns with the ease of clicking a button and access all publisher inventory directly.

After many years of experience, we know almost everything about programmatic and we know that our platform works! We can easily integrate with your ad serving software to boost performance income and to provide you with an excellent solution for direct programmatic sales. And all of this - with lots of attention to detail and personal attitude.

Your direct sales will grow

Unlike typical ad platform, we do not cannibalize your direct sales, we even help them grow! If you own a website with high volume relevant traffic, you surely attract the attention of direct advertisers. Some of them may be trying to reach out to you by email, others are already bidding heavily for your inventory in the Open Ad Exchange trough your performance ad placements. Programmatic deals are already a preferred buying method for leading advertising and media agencies.

You can monetize all these opportunities even better by preparing a customized offer for them with promo codes and discounts. We give you the opportunity to use our Direct Marketplace and build strong direct partnerships with all your clients, to provide them with the tools they need to execute effective and transparent campaigns.

Real-time reports, transparency, fast payments

With us you get ultra fast, real-time statistics! Our engine brings all the data from direct deals or 3rd party networks directly in your profile. You have full access to the reporting functionalities where you see all the stats and create custom reports for your needs.

We transfer the revenue 30 days after the end of the month. Net 30 is an industry standard we keep with no exceptions since 2006! Our platform is really easy to use, but if you need help you can find it in our help center or contact us by submitting a ticket any time and get 24/7 support.

How to start?

To become a publisher in our platform, you have to apply with a website. After completing a simple and completely free registration, you will have a dedicated publisher manager to guide you through all the steps of the tags implementation. At the beginning he will ask you for some information and share recommendations with you concerning the arrangement of placements. Then, you can place our ad tags and start generating impressions.

There is no commitment and no upfront charge, we take a share of the revenue that you put through our platform. We are looking for a long-lasting partnership with you based on mutual benefit, which can only last if your ad spots can achieve higher and constant revenue.