Publisher Information

EasyPlatform is open for all quality publishers who meet our criteria for content and daily unique visits. We have built our own private marketplace in selected European countries to make ad buying smart and simple! Мarketers can book campaigns directly with the click of a button and access all publisher inventory directly.

We also manage an unique 3rd party income aggregator for our International publishers. It is based on the ultra fast passback waterfall functionality. Our technology draws conclusions based on historic observations and real-time data and brings the best advertising demand for your website.

Your direct sales will grow

Unlike typical ad networks, we do not cannibalize your direct sales, we even help them grow! In some European countries, we have built strong partnerships with the leading advertising and media agencies. Your site inventory can be listed in our own private marketplace and immediately become available for booking.

Beside this, our experts are familiar with the specifics of your sites and help you with the international programmatic deals. If there are advertisers bidding heavily for your inventory in the open ad exchange, we will help you to monetize better by preparing a customized offer for them.

How we use 3rd party ad networks

After many years of experience, we know almost everything about programmatic. It seems a very complicated ecosystem, but in fact there are not many platforms which are worth working with. We pick no more than two, organize them into a Passback Waterfall (Ad Chain) and setup it individually for you, according to your minimum price floors. 3rd party ad networks only win the impression if they meet the required CPM minimum. As a result, we deliver you the highest possible and guaranteed ad revenue!

Real-time reports, Transparency, Fast payments

In opposite to many other platforms with us you get ultra fast, real time statistics! Our engine brings all direct deals or 3rd party data directly to your profile. You get access to an online panel where you see all the stats and create custom reports.

We transfer you money 30 days after the month’s end. It’s an industry standard and we keep this practice with no exception since 2006. Our platform is so easy to use, but if you need help you can also message us any time and get 24/7 support.

How to start

To become a publisher in our platform, please read the requirements below and apply with a website. After completing a simple and completely free registration, you will have a dedicated publisher manager to guide you through all the steps of the tags implementation. At the beginning he will ask you for some information and share recommendations with you concerning the arrangement of placements. Then, you can place our ad tags and start generating impressions.

Our mission is to deliver more income with less effort on your side. Becoming part of our platform, you can expect higher and constant revenue, loyalty and а long-lasting partnership.

Requirements for Websites / Publishers

In order to be reviewed, your website should meet the following criteria:

Please be aware that meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee the approval of your website in our network. Besides the criteria above, there are subjective factors for the admission of a website as well as the current need of new advertising placements.