Introducing new advanced targeting options

We are excited to announce our new targeting options - advanced geo-targeting and ISP targeting!

Advanced geo-targeting options

Now you have available detailed geo-targeting based on geographic levels - city, region, area, country, continent so you can target users with your ads even more precisely. This type of targeting can be very beneficial if you are trying to increase your brand-awareness in a certain area and drive visitors. We attain a rich location data base which allows us to show your ad to the right user, at the right place.

Internet Service Provider targeting(ISP)

Now you can choose to target users based on the internet service provider they use, or mobile network provider if they are connected via their Mobile data. If the products or services you provide are dependent on a certain provider - you can now target your ads only to relevant users and maximize your advertising efforts.

These are just some of the targeting options available at EasyPlatform - create a campaign and explore all available options! Don't have an account yet?
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Don't hesitate to contact us in case you need help with targeting your ads correctly or assistance with the platform!

EasyPlatform Team