Ad Server for Publishers - manage campaigns and creatives in one place with EasyPlatform™

Anyone with a significant display ad inventory should consider using an ad serving software to manage campaigns and creatives in one place. Using an adserver is key to progressing your goals if you’re a publisher trying to increase your revenue and control all aspects of your advertising.

Choosing the right ad server for your business starts with understanding your needs and what makes sense to invest in as you upscale. Before making a decision, take the time to read more about ad server specifics and compare their features and limitations. There are several options you can choose from if you have decided to integrate an ad server:
  1. Build it yourself from scratch and self-host it on your own servers (or any third-party cloud infrastructure). This is not a recommended option nowadays since the market is full of ad server tools you can choose from. Companies with custom ad servers usually have a strong in-house IT team working on their ad server for years and this costs a lot.
  2. Install a WordPress plugin. This is the preferred option for WordPress websites which do not have many requirements and look for a basic solution. A plugin is implemented in your website, so again – you will need your own servers or cloud infrastructure to handle it.
  3. Download an open-source tool and install it. This requires serious technical knowledge and there will be additional costs for hosting. Sites with enormous traffic and powerful owned servers prefer this option because it saves them some costs compared to hosted ad servers.
  4. Use a hosted third-party solution. This is the most popular choice since it does not require an upfront investment, you pay as much as you use, plus – you can easily scale it if your traffic grows rapidly. It does not affect your webservers because it is only called from your website and the work is done in the cloud.
When it comes to functionality ad servers range from very basic – where you can host creatives, set basic parameters, and deliver ads – to very advanced, with features such as forecasts and programmatic supply. Smaller, free-to-use options are fine to begin with and to learn more about what your advertising strategy will look like. However, at some point, you will need to upgrade to a more feature-rich option to maximize your efforts. Highly-advanced ad servers require advanced skills to manage. Preferably, use such an ad server only if you are willing to invest many hours learning its specifics or be ready to hire in-house experts to run it. Otherwise, you will end up with a "high-tech rocket" that you cannot manage properly.

Ad Server by EasyPlatform™

If you are looking for a simple and easy to use ad server for your website and you need professional ad tech support, you are in the right place! At only 0.05€ per 1000 impressions, the Ad Server by EasyPlatform™ is perhaps the cheapest hosted ad management software. We offer a unique 2-in-1 solution: an ad server with both a publisher and an advertiser management panel. What does that mean?

You can manage all campaigns on your website yourself as a Publisher (your clients receive only reports) or you can give your Advertisers access to buy your inventory directly, apply targeting and pay via credit card - yes, we can process the payments also and take this load from you as well!

Try it now by adding a website and get 1 mln free ad impressions!

After your website gets approved, follow these steps to start ad serving campaigns:
  1. Add one or more ad units to your site, such as 300x250, from the “Ad Units” section in your Publisher profile.
  2. Take the tag (code) for each ad unit and place it on your site where you want it to appear. If you have difficulty integrating our code into your site, please contact us for assistance.
  3. Then switch to Advertiser profile and go to the "Ad Server" section. Create a new campaign on your own website, set an indicative (value CPM) price and choose periods, geo-targeting, days, hours, and frequency capping.
  4. After you have created a campaign, upload a banner into it. The banner will be automatically approved and the campaign will start showing on your website.
  5. You need a positive balance in your Advertiser profile. Deposit funds in the “Payments” section. EasyPlatform is a pay-as-you-use platform, which means there is no commitment and no monthly subscription! You can quickly add funds by debit/credit card, according to your current needs. Each payment goes into your virtual balance and can be used for running ad-serving campaigns. You receive an invoice from the platform after s successful payment was made and you can download it from the “Invoice” section.

Below are some of the most advantageous aspects of using our Ad Server:

Hosted solution for campaign/ad management

Easily insert ads into your digital properties. Make the most of our structured campaign hierarchy: Advertiser → Campaign → Ads. Pay-as-you-use: NO commitment and NO monthly subscription! Free 1 million ad impressions on sign up.

Targeting and scheduling

Set rules to determine which, when, and where the ads show on your website (including frequency capping, time periods, day & hour parting, and ad optimization by CTR).

Tracking and reporting

Real-time data on impressions, interactions (on rich media banners), clicks, conversions, and custom events by campaign, ad, device, etc.

Bidding strategy for the best revenue

Value CPM (vCPM) is the price you set to help our platform estimate the value of campaigns so it can prioritize and rotate the best ads possible. Value CPM will also help you and your clients see the revenue calculations for impressions served.

Audience center

You can segment your website into different user audiences based on the content in order to share it with your advertisers for best results. Advertisers on the other hand have their own Audience Center and can use a pixel to create their own 1st party audiences and use them for remarketing campaigns on your website.

User management

A single EasyPlatform profile supports both Publisher and Advertising role! You can also connect/link separate profiles if you need multi-account management and have easy click-to-login access to all of them.

Programmatic direct deals management

Many digital brands (like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Amazon, or eBay) have built direct ad marketplaces which enable vendors/advertisers to pay to promote their ads. Any publisher can follow their example and make (more) money by selling ads in certain categories, topics, pages. We provide an excellent solution for such direct programmatic sales - you can create Public or Private Deals and share them with the advertisers you want. Advertisers can buy your inventory directly and pay via credit card in an instant. Read more about this unique feature in this article.

Ad Server by EasyPlatform™ - a simple tool for managing your entire website inventory

Utilized correctly, an ad server will save you a lot of time, contribute to the growth of your business and help you sell your inventory. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you contact our team or register your website. We will credit your account with 1 million free ad impressions to test all the features of our platform.

If you want to compare the most popular ad servers on the market with ours, click here to read the article.

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