Some questions and answers about programmatic deals

Programmatic Direct is the automated buying, selling, ad trafficking, and reporting of guaranteed advertising between two parties.
Let's continue to break this down some more...
Q: What do the words "Programmatic" and "Direct" mean?

A: "Programmatic" simply means that there are machines involved. The buyer and seller are using software to help them facilitate the purchase, serving, and reporting of an ad on a webpage. Direct means that the advertiser and the publisher are doing business directly with one another.

Q: Is that any different than Programmatic Guaranteed?

A: No, not really. Programmatic Direct can be both guaranteed and non-guaranteed deals.

Q: What about Programmatic Premium?

A: Same thing, depending on who is speaking. If you buy premium inventory (above the line) you can call it "premium".

Q: And Programmatic Reserved?

A: This is awkward, but it’s the same. The IAB assosiation likes to call this "automated guaranteed".

Q: Is Programmatic Direct different than Real-Time Bidding?

A: Yes, it is. Direct ad buying doesn’t involve auction. Think of it like Wall Street. The spot markets involve real-time bidding, but the majority of trading takes place with guaranteed deal. That’s what’s going on here too.

Q: So, RTB is about the remnant impressions, low-quality ad space and Programmatic Direct is about the high-quality impressions?

A: Not really. They’re just different ways of buying ad space. You can buy directly and still pay less than buying through the auction. It depends on what you are looking for.

Q: But RTB is the popular way for ad buying?

A: Yes, most of the programmatic impressions are bought in an auction by RTB. Programmatic direct is a small part of the programmatic market. But we see a lot of potential in it.

Q: Do the two methods use the same technology?

A: It is almost the same. The idea behind Programmatic Direct is to take the automation mechanisms that were popularized by RTB and apply them to the direct ad buying process and enriching the possibilities and the scope.

Q: What are the advantages of Programmatic Direct against RTB after all?

A: There are some opinions that RTB technology is not suitable for small markets, because they have completely different dynamics. There are major problems with brand safety and transparency, which recently returned to the forefront. Advertisers and media buyers are rightfully concerned that their programmatic buys can show up in unexpected places when using Open RTB.

Q: Is this something that media agencies use?

A: There are more and more agencies who try to make the ad buying totally transparent and safe. Launching an RTB campaign can be really fast, and cheap but at the end, there is no brand safety. The best way is to know what inventory you buy and where and that's what Direct Programmatic Deals are for.

Q: Are the big publishers adopting this model?

A: Yes. Yahoo announced it would open up inventory through this method. Other major publishers are dabbling in it. There are many publishers who try to offer similar functionalities trough their ad servers but a platform with multiple targeting options, an experienced support team and an integrated payment module is the right way to cope with the needs of the advertisers.

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