HTML5 Ads - The Cure to Banner Blindness

If your company is still using static banner ads instead of HTML5 ads (dynamic banner ads), then there’s a good chance that money is being left on the table. A huge part of your target audience is not seeing your ad, even if it’s right there in front of their eyes. This is because of the so called "banner blindness" - people tend to ignore page elements which they perceive as ads.

Think about your own experience for a second. You probably saw a few banners today. Can you recall any of them or their offers? Probably not. In fact, only 14% of consumers remember the last ad they saw and the company or product it promoted. Even with today’s sophisticated targeting technology, banner blindness remains a key challenge.
So, how can you assure every website visitor at least sees your ad?

High-impact HTML5 ads are proven to attract users' attention and bring much more traffic to websites than standard static banner ads. A study by Adform shows that clickthrough rates of rich media HTML5 ads are x2.5 times higher than those from static ads. This is true because, psychologically, it is almost impossible for your eyes to ignore movement. This is why animated banner ads are the wiser investment since they assure people are actually viewing your ads.

Real-Life examples

Now, if you have decided not to stick to a single, static image, where should you begin? What techniques have worked for other brands? Below, we’ll take a look at some of the HTML5 ads which may inspire you to build your own creative strategy:

SDI | Info boxes banner

The ad is just enough to grab a user’s curiosity, without being intrusive to someone who isn’t interested. When a user clicks on one of the small rectangles, it widens to a bigger screen where it shows brief information about the selected service. It also provides a link which the user can click if they want to know more details.

Result: Users aren't redirected to the advertiser's website upon first interaction with the ad. They can read the information they are interested in straight from the banner and make a conscious decision to move on to the website for further reading about the product/service.

Detox Program | Travel Offer | Limited Time Offer

This HTML5 ad urges the customers towards their next purchase with a time-limited offer! This countdown-timer banner is proven to work and has all of the required elements: an image slider and a trendy countdown timer.

Result: It creates a feeling of urgency not to miss the offer which is a proven method to get users to purchase something faster. The slideshow with a few chosen images brings an additional dynamic to the ad. A special coupon code can easily be added on the last screen of the slider for an even stronger effect!

LG Bulgaria | Video Banner

Starting with a video and an intriguing copy, this animated banner speaks for itself. The ad contains an inspiring video of the new LG OLED TV. In case the user wants to know more about this super cool TV, then once the video is over, they can click and browse through the advertiser's website.

Result: The video offers lots of visual information and brand awareness which is harder to achieve with a single static image. The video itself attracts the users' attention while the text and buttons engage them to read and click. If we play a video ad without additional text and explanations, we risk to lose the more impatient users who wouldn't watch the video to the end.

DSK Bank | Banner with interactive sliders

This HTML5 banner is maybe the best possible approach to advertise consumer loans online. The user can use the built-in sliders to preselect the desired period and loan amount. To see the monthly instalment and to apply for a credit, it is necessary to click and visit the advertiser's website.

Result: A personalised ad experience. The user feels as though the Advertiser has provided the exact product to suit and satisfy their need or want. This banner is our proud accomplishment. The sliders move very smoothly so they are easy to use on both a desktop and mobile device. This banner ad can easily adapt to various products and services and provide lots of information about them beforehand such as:

» size and category choice for clothing or shoes

» functionalities of particular appliances such as stoves, washing machines, etc.

» the screen size and price range of a laptop or TV

» package options for a new car
Hopefully with these suggestions we have inspired you to come up with a new creative idea for your ad! Let us know if we can help you create and launch a programmatic ad campaign with some great HTML5 ads.

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