Frequently Asked Questions - Publishers

On this page you will find all the information on how to participate in the platform as a Publisher and how to generate revenue by placing our ad tags.

EasyPlatform is an interactive management system for online advertisements. By placing ad tags on your site you begin generating revenue by displaying our ads. EasyPlatform may be the main source of revenue for your site as or a supplementary to other networks and direct sales. Our ad tags are fully compatible with different ad servers like DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), AdOcean, SmartAdServer, Revive and many others.

Yes, they are completely compatible. You can combine EasyPlatform with Google AdSense on the same page. We don't recommend replacing AdSense with EasyPlatform ads but instead use them both. The most effective way to do this would be placing our ads directly after the highest-earning AdSense unit. Or you can use our passback option and set a minimum RPM (revenue per 1000 impressions) for each ad spot. If our expected RPM does not meet the required minimum value, the impression will be taken by your alternative tag and not by EasyPlatform.


In order to join the platform as a Publisher and to generate ad revenue you have to apply first with a website. When your inquiry is approved by an administrator, you will receive a confirmation email and you will be able to finalize the registration as a Publisher. If you want to participate with several websites, please do not make multiple registrations - choose the largest website and apply with it. After it has been approved you will be able to list your other sites.

In order to be reviewed, your site has to meet the following requirements:

  • Top-level domain.
  • Minimum 5 000 unique visits daily
  • Professional web design
  • Quality content

Please be aware that even meeting all the basic criteria does not guarantee you approval in the platform. Beside the stated requirements, the approval is decided upon additional subjective factors as well such as the current need for additional new ad placements.

The following content is not allowed in the platform and websites which contain such will be blocked or not approved in the first place: adult content, pornography, drugs, violence, adult language, discrimination regarding gender, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or age.

Of course! After successful registration as a Publisher in the platform you may list other websites to our network. In order to do so you just have to navigate through the menu Sites after successful login and click on the button Add new website. The newly added sites will be reviewed by our admins as well before there are approved.

All your currently active and approved websites are listed in menu Websites. You may edit their settings or add new ones.

The sites in the platform are three types: Waiting, Approved and Blocked:

  • Waiting – the newly added site is being reviewed by our admins and is not yet active.
  • Approved – the website is approved in the platform and is fully active. You can create new ad units for it.
  • Blocked - the website is not approved by our admins or is blocked after being active. The blocked websites are not listed in the Sites menu.

Your website may be blocked because of the following reasons:

  • The newly added site is reviewed by the admins and is not approved.
  • The site is blocked because of lack of activity in the platform and is not generating impressions.
  • The site is blocked because it contains forbidden content according to the Terms of Use of the platform after being active.
  • The site is blocked because it was down for a long period of time.
  • The site is blocked because of violation of the Terms of Use regarding generating fraudulent impressions or clicks on the ads. In this case the website is blocked permanently and the Publisher is held responsible for any financial losses.


In order to begin displaying ads, first you have to create ad units and place them on your site.

You can find the button Add new ad unit and a list of all your existing ones in menu Ad Units. After creating a new ad unit, it will be displayed in a pop-up window and you will be able to copy its code in order to place it in your site. You can access the tag by clicking on Generate tag as well under the name of the ad unit. Place the code directly into the site. Do not use iframe tag.

The platform works with many Publishers who use different ad servers. Our codes work currently without problems with Doubleclick For Publishers (DFP), Smart AdServer, Ad Ocean, OpenAds, Wordpress Plugins and others. You can also try our ad serving solution - the Direct Deals Manager. If you are faced with some difficulties in implementing our tags, please contact us for assistance.

After you create a new ad unit there is an activation time which is about 15 minutes but it usually takes even less. After that the ad unit will be active and can start showing ads. You may place the tag in your site right away but it will be active and show ads after the time for activation has passed.

The reasons for the lack of ads may be the following:

  • There is no active campaign targeted to these ad units.
  • The activation time has not yet passed (about 15 min ).
  • Incorrect implementation - parts of the code have been changed or removed or there is some kind of interruption in the structure. Please try to copy the tag again and place it as it is.
  • The domain where the tag code is placed is different from the domain of the website. The tag is valid only for the specific site. If the tag is served by an ad server on another domain you have to define it in your website settings in order for the tag to work.
For full assistance regarding your ad units, please contact our team.

Yes, you may filter any ad by filtering the domain it redirects to. In menu Websites edit the Settings of the site you want to modify. In the field Ad Blocking choose the ad type you want to filter and enter the domain to block. Entering the domain for example blocks all the ads which lead to that domain for all current and future campaigns.

You can find all the statistics in menu Reports. In the module use the different options to see the data grouped by date, site, ad unit.


Go to Direct Deals section in you Publisher profile and create a new Direct Deal.

Public deals are visible to all advertisers. Private Deals are visible to only specific advertiser account, selected by you.

Almost all targeting options of the deal can be locked by you, which means that the advertiser cannot change this spcific option when he starts a campaign from this deal. If you decide to unlock a specific option later, only new campaigns will be affected by this change.


In order to use our ad server solution and be able to launch campaigns on your own sites, switch to Advertiser module. Find the link in the upper right corner (after login). Then go to the Direct Deals section and create a vCPM campaign.

vCPM is the type of campaign you have use for ad serving. vCPM stands for "value CPM". This is an indicative virtual price for 1000 impressions, which does not reduce your аdvertiser balance in the platform. This is the price at which a particular campaign competes with other campaigns.

All standard and HTML5 ads attached to your vCPM campaigns get automatically approved. Except external scripts, which start pending and wait for our approval.

Our price is based on the amount of impressions your sites generate. You pay a small fixed fee for 1000 impressions (CPM). At only 0.05$ per 1000 impressions this is perhaps the cheapest hosted ad server! Contact us for a custom offer if you generate more than 10 million ad impressions per month.


You may contact us through our Support module. You may Issue a new ticket and explain the difficulties and ask us your questions. We are available on our email address as well -