Global Programmatic Charity Initiative

When we started with our advertising business in Sofia back in 2005, the level of the online advertising ecosystem was in a beginner state. Just few years later programmatic ads are booming, the industry is focused on conversions, real-time bidding and big data, enterprises are developing products that increase revenue, traffic, and audience engagement. According to IAB , eMarketer and other researchers, the worldwide programmatic ad spending will reach $32 billion by 2017. In such density of competitive online advertisers it is very unlikely to see a large scale advertising campaign of a charity organization. It is impossible for non-profit organizations to reach out people online and quickly raise the awareness of their causes without investing serious advertising budgets.

In 2017 we decided to start a new project where we can use our expertise and all our advanced platform capabilities to help non-profit organizations reach out as big audience online as possible and quickly increase the awareness of their initiatives by doing programmatic advertising. We called our project Global Programmatic Charity Initiative (GPCI) - a partnership between us and publishers to support charity and social causes through technology and innovation. The goal of the Initiative is to advertise and stimulate social causes across strong digital medias for free. We want to empower charities with the opportunities that programmatic already offers - massive reach, precise targeting, online conversions.

Over the last year, we have helped charities of all sizes receive millions of free ad impressions. We work with major charity partners but we also support many local social projects. We give them a hand by providing them the tools to reach vast online audience and professional campaign management.

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Our Media Partners

The Global Programmatic Charity Initiative is only possible with the support of the online publishers who provide a small part of their inventory so that we can deliver free impressions to non-profit organizations. Over 30 media organizations from across Europe, USA and Asia have already participated in our Initiative.

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