About EasyPlatform

EasyPlatform offers automated programmatic media buying in numerous quality Bulgarian and Macedonian publishers. Since 2006 our mission is to shrink the relationship divide between web site owners and advertisers by building an unique and efficient marketplace for both sides.

Our advertising platform includes an array of ad management and targeting modules, helping publishers and advertisers to manage, traffic and report on their online advertising campaigns. It is easy enough to use, but powerful enough to produce great results!

What is possible by using our platform? Let's take a look…

The ad optimization methodology, as well as the targeting and reporting abilities turned EasyPlatform into a preferred marketing tool for advertising or digital agencies and for numerous direct advertisers. You can choose from the different advertising options listed below:

Why people use our technology

Our technological infrastructure is standing up to the most demanding standards for effectiveness and stability. We designed it to be reliable and super-fast. Here are some more details about it: